Giant Stories

Take a deep dive into Wellington and The Wrekin’s heritage and explore in-depth stories featuring a cast of characters with cultural connections to the area, both real and imagined!

Tales of Wrekin Giant

Tales of The Wrekin Giant

From squabbling siblings to vengeful behemoths and heroic cobblers, The Wrekin has inspired a wealth of folklore explaining the emergence of the famous Shropshire hill. With the origin of some tales stretching back into the darkest realms of pre-history, it is a storytelling lineage many centuries in the making.

The Wrekin in Poetry

The Wrekin Hill has been a plentiful source of folklore for a thousand years or more. For the last few centuries, however, it has inspired an equally rich seam of rhyme and verse, compelling some of the most famous names in literature to compose a line in its honour. 

The Wrekin
Larkin returned

Philip Larkin in Wellington

Wellington is the town where Philip Larkin began his professional career as a librarian and became a published author and poet. It was here, in the shadow of wartime austerity, where his attitudes to life, love and work were formed — the subjects of his greatest work.

A Musical Interlude

While Wellington is famed for its world-class literary associations, it also has a distinguished musical heritage. From the work of Victorian era hymn writers and light music composers to Merseybeat and the sounds of Glam Rock, the town has played its part in some notable accomplishments.

The Plimer Mural

Artistic Adventures

Wellington’s array of cultural connections also extends to the visual arts. Two fraternal dynasties were launched on the world from the town, and each would go on to make its mark in high society London life, attracting the interest of famous playwrights and authors.

Wellington Walk with Giants

Giant Stories